Great Leader Coaching

Great Leader Coaching

Purpose . Integrity . Results


Be the LEADER you want to be.

Are you ready for a fundamental shift to significantly increase the amount of powerful action and possibility you have in your life?  Are you looking to hone your ability to inspire and lead others?  Do you want to have more purpose, integrity and results?

I founded Great Leader Coaching to help good managers become great leaders.  I work with individuals to create the space for purpose, fulfillment and joy in their work and life.  I offer my clients a committed partnership, unconditional support, and unwavering accountability to keep them moving toward their goals.

I can help you create and live an extraordinary life.

My clients are accomplished, committed people, determined to live a life with meaning; who want to make a difference in the life of others; people with the courage to choose to create their future from possibility.  They are Director-level individuals (managers managing managers) who have had great success with individual contributors as direct reports, and understand that managing other managers requires a different skill set. I also work with managers aspiring to the director level and directors eyeing an executive position.

See if  Great Leader Coaching can add velocity to your quest for more purpose, fulfillment and results in your life and work.  Click Here to schedule a free Discovery Session.